Asian Markets calling for PEFC Certified Wood

Vast quantities of PEFC certified timber from all over the world enter Asian markets each year. Asian-based manufacturers are now starting to take full advantage of these readily available sources by acquiring PEFC Chain of Custody certification. Doing so means they can benefit immediately in communicating the PEFC claim and using on-product labels. It also puts them in a front runner position, ready to profit as more forest sources in Asia achieve certification and deliver increased certified volumes to the local markets. 

The Cintac Timber Group, based in Holland, specialises in sourcing and trading sustainable timber, particularly Pine and Eucalyptus logs and lumber into Asia. With yard operations in Australia and Brazil of 45,000 m2, and with sales offices in Vietnam, China and Hong Kong, Cintac Timber traded over 150,000 m3 globally in 2015. Most of their timber is sourced from PEFC certified forests, and they are now ramping up efforts to tell the story behind the world’s largest certification system to their downstream partners in Asia.

“The Cintac Timber Group is excited about securing PEFC certification this year for its entire group,” says Benjamin Redman when asked about the future.  “Partnering with PEFC and their national members in Asia, helps fulfil some of our strategic goals while supplying the certified timber that our customers demand. Both Cintac Timber and our customers want to be sure that our materials and products are from sustainable sources.   PEFC is an excellent certification program that is well-recognized and a programme that Cintac Timber is proud to be associated with,” he stressed.

For Square Roots, a furniture manufacturer based in Vietnam, it is PEFC-certified sources of oak that under pin the ethos of the company.   “We take great pride in understanding oak in all its complexity. By selecting the best quality and most environmentally responsible suppliers we can produce an exceptional quality product,” explained co-owner, Edward Stoddart.

“We are proud to be able to sell 100% PEFC certified products this year. The certification enables us to know that this beautiful natural product is from sustainably managed forests in France and Germany.  We are buying over 40 containers a year and by being able to use the form of the tree, our design keeps the natural edges and features and we don’t waste this precious resource”

Recognizing the Vietnam Government’s recent decision to invest seriously and advance its national forest certification system and align with PEFC, both Square Roots and Cintac see big potential for upscaling sustainability within the forestry sector.

“We’re excited that our choice to partner with PEFC and to increase awareness about certification amongst our customers in Asia aligns with Vietnam’s strategy and the country’s vision for local industry development,” said Mr Redman of Cintac Timber.

“It’s great to build our cooperation with PEFC International and the Vietnamese Academy of Forest Science.  We hope to be a showcase and support the Vietnamese Forest Certification Scheme, so that our friends will follow,” says Justin Wheatcroft co-owner of Square Roots.